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LA BAHÍA-cartel-21.jpg

They say that another settlement has emerged near the Nuclear City.

They say there are ways to get there, although most of them get lost in the undergrowth. Maps do not contemplate them. The maps that we know cannot see.

A place with its own rules and ways of coexisting with other surrounding areas, other ecosystems, other natural instances where birds, insects, reptiles also abound... because there, when humanity stopped doing its own thing, life started again.

They say that the cattle graze in that place, that the peasants sow in silence to trade and eat. They say that there are brackish and fresh rivers running freely, and that the waters make children, the elderly and fish happy. They say that the neighbors use the vegetation sites and former swimming pools for industrial use as places of recreation.

They say that people often live on the fringes, even of the law.

They say that this site has no name because the words as we know them are part of a certain officiality that the place does not share. We need to exercise and / or reformulate other ways (new or old), affective or effective, of approaching it, of knowing it and interpreting it.

They say that this amazing, unprecedented landscape arose after the fracture of a great project, something unfinished even today. An atomic and unfathomable dream. A dream that got out of hand...

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